In cammino

van Gogh, In cammino | En route | On the way
Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890)
In cammino
Altri titoli: 
En route
On the way
XIX secolo
non datato (1881)
Tecnica e materiali: 
Matita, penna e inchiostro nero e marrone su carta velina
Dimensioni (altezza x larghezza in centimetri): 
9,8 x 5,8
In basso a destra: En route
Luogo di conservazione: 
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Nederland
1962 (foglio 1) | 1972 (foglio 2 e 3)
b160 V/1962 (foglio 1) | d294 V/1972 (foglio 2) | d295 V/1972 (foglio 3)


  • Jan Hulsker (1980), The Complete Van Gogh, Oxford: Phaidon, n. Juv. 15.


  • Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 21 settembre 2008 - 5 gennaio 2009.


Il disegno illustra la lettera [162] di Vincent indirizzata a suo fratello Theo da Brussels a gennaio 1881:


That being so, let’s leave it there. Always be sure of this. In the past few days there’s been a change for the better. I’ve just finished at least a dozen drawings, or rather, pencil and pen croquis, which are, it seems to me, already a little better. They vaguely resemble certain drawings by Lançon or certain English wood engravings, but even clumsier, more awkward. They depict, among others, a delivery man, a miner, man sweeping snow, a walk in the snow, old women, type of old man (‘Ferragus’, from Balzac’s L’histoire des treize) &c. I’m sending you 2 small ones, ‘On the road’ and ‘In front of the embers’. I can clearly see that it’s not good yet; it’s beginning to emerge, though. I have a model almost every day, an old delivery man or some labourer or lad whom I have pose. Next Sunday I’ll perhaps have one or two soldiers who’ll come to pose. And so, since I’m no longer in a bad mood now, I have a quite different and better idea of you and of the whole world in general.